First steps for an audiovisual project

Structuring of audiovisual projects

We provide support for the design and development of projects, whether fiction, documentary or hybrid, in feature, medium or short film format, including the narrative component and the design of the budget and financial structure.

Preparation for international programmes

We design strategies and deploy actions aimed at favouring the conditions that allow participation in international laboratories and workshops, film festivals, competitive programmes and co-production meetings.

Accompaniment in the creative chain

We also represent the interests of authors of audiovisual projects throughout the entire creative chain and those interested in commercialising them for production by third parties, including production companies or platforms.

Projects in Development Phase

Screenplay & Direction: 

Logline: Thirteen-year-old Helena, the daughter of German parents, lives in Caracas. She is suspicious of her father's possible Nazi past. The conflict between her scruples and her love for her father turns her into a spy in her own home.
English title: The Silence / 100 Min / Drama / Coming-of age-film.

Screenplay & Direction: 

Logline: In the inhospitable Venezuelan highlands, Aurora (7) is going blind. Maritza (30), her aunt, tries to find a cure but must confront Cristina (29), the girl's mother, who has decided to hide the illness to prevent her husband from leaving them.  English title: The Mist / 90 min / Drama.