First steps towards an audiovisual project

Films Austères offers support for the formation and development of film projects -fiction/documentary/hybrid- whether short, medium or feature, as well as series of television and web series.

It includes both the narrative/dramaturgical component and the design of the budgetary/financing structure. For this, we deploy actions aimed at participating in internationally relevant film labs and coproduction meetings.

In addition, we represent the interests of authors of audiovisual projects in an advanced stage of development interested in marketing them to be produced by large international compañies.

Projects in early process of development

THE MIST                                                   

In the Quinó, a lost village in the inhospitable Venezuelan Andean Mountain, a girl named Aurora and her mother Cristina are running blind. They suffer an illness that has enslaved local women for generations as if it were the condemnation of an inevitable curse. Despite all odds, Aurora's blindness inspires women in the village to defy the fear for getting free from their hopeless fate.

Director:  Ricardo Chetuán / 90 min / Drama                                   


The night before fleeing from a country in crisis, Gloria, an insecure young graduate, gets drunk with her loved ones while in the streets  incessant citizen protests take place. When confronted with everything she leaves behind, she must decide whether to continue evading the problems or taking the reins of her life.

Director: Amanda Pérez / 90 min / Drama